Life is but a Kismet Moment…

Detective Spencer Johnson, a tough no-nonsense risk-taker, is respected throughout the LAPD for getting the job done-whatever the cost. After freeing a 15-year-old girl from the hands of her brutal kidnapper. Johnson finds his cavalier operating procedures and disrespect for protocol have left him in hot water once again. Chief Felix, fed up with his rouge officer’s style of police work and determined to make points with a rising star politician, has devised a way to rid himself of Johnson once and for all-by sending him on a special assignment to Southeast Asia to apprehend Damon Tyler, who escaped justice for the brutal murder of his wife.

But Ex-Special Forces / Ex-Los Angeles District Attorney Damon Tyler, now living in the Philippines under the protection of a crime organization he once swore to destroy, wont be an easy man to bring back. This Johnson learns as his case becomes murkier; there is more to the truth of why Tyler is a fugitive.

Ular Senduk is an unsettling tale of global anarchy and corruptive power, where little is what it seems, with unimaginable stakes at hand. Sweeping you across the globe in suspense and intrigue, you are lead through the riddle of Tyler’s life,    until looming questions are answered by the contents of a little box.


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